Saturday, 4 October 2014

Chastity Adventures

After being owned for almost a whole year this little slave cat is now beginning another exciting new adventure!

If you don't know from my previous blog I am currently in chastity for my Master. Ohhh.. the tease and denial *shivers with excitement*

Craving sex like never before, there has been times where it has almost been too much for me to take!

But my dreams of being a little chastity slave overcome my desires.. all locked up for her Master.. I want those dreams so bad.. my pussy throbs for them.

So I keep my head down and I obey. No orgasms unless permission! Not to touch myself.. oh oh oh!

I will take that vow of chastity, I will obey His word.

And now! Now that I have been so well behaved for so long it is time to up the ante! Time to add a more physical component. Time to wear a belt.

Ohh.. I have had sooo many fantasies about this for so long now!

To begin with in my chastity journey, a belt would have been all too much for me. Somedays not cumming, not touching, not having sex. The thought of it would drive me crazy. I was almost literally climbing up walls..

But the denial of it all is such a turn on. And when I do cum it is explosive! Plus keeping me under control means that I am being trained to control my orgasms in a way that I can cum on demand, squirt on demand. Have multiple or full body orgasms as requested.

So we are finally at a point where a belt is now needed to keep me in control and bring it up to a new level.

Beginning with just a an hour or so and working my way up to being in chastity for much longer amounts of time.

I can only imagine how wet I will be :O

Today I get to take my measurements and send them off to FancySteel. I have been lucky enough to come across this chastity belt manufacturer, who produces some of the best quality pieces I have seen, and they are in Australia. I'm excited to try out a belt that is locally made.

They even ship overseas for all my fellow kinky cats living abroad.

Taking the measurements was fairly easy. Even easier though if you have someone to help ;)

First one is around the waist- I was 69cm :)
Then you put a belt on (any belt you can find, I used my punishment belt), put it around your waist, and measure from the middle point on the front of the belt and down between your legs up to the belt again in the middle of your back!
This is for the crotch measurement, I got 66cm here.
The third measurement is from the front middle of the belt again and down the distance to where you will find your vagina- I got 28cm for this
The fourth is the same but backwards, from the middle of the belt on the back and down the distance to where you will find your anus- I got 28cm here also
Then fifth is to measure for the shield part of the belt, so you need to measure along the length of the vagina- mine was 14cm

..just taking the measurements was a bit of a turn on.. thinking that soon there will be a shield stopping me from playing with myself.. oh my!

Time to send off the measurements now :) I will keep you all posted with my chastity adventure as things just keep getting kinkier..

..stay horny..

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