Sunday, 7 September 2014

feeling naughty as always!

..I'm such a naughty girl.. 
tell me what you wanna do to me..


I spent the whole week being punished.. so horny by the end of it. Every night my hands cuffed together.. my tight little ass plugged. And every night my plug would fit easier and easier, I'm looking forward to being able to take even larger plugs in the future :)
Also still enjoying the occasional enema punishment when I get a chance.. I love the feeling of being so full. Perhaps next time I should fill my pussy with my beads at the same time. Before filling myself with an enema and then plugging it in there. Forcing myself to hold it. My ass and my pussy throbbing.. begging for release..
Mm.. just the thought of it is turning me on.

Also enjoying all my most recent piercings! and yes there will be more in the future. My Master and I have spoke about rings, one on each side :) but I'm sure there will be even more!
And as always I like to hear suggestions.

There will also be many more naughty adventures and punishments



  1. you are fucking sexy girl will fuck

  2. wow you're so beautiful and sexy I will do anything to spend the night with you and I do mean that with the upmost respect

  3. I want eat your pussy then fuck you hard