Sunday, 17 August 2014

.piercing fun.

 completely in love with my latest piercings! my back dimples hehe

today I just got my nose done and tomorrow I am booked in for my Christina piercing! That will be number nine! My back, my ears, my nose, my belly and finally my Christina! I will upload pics to show it off when it's done ;)

I am eventually wanting to add a ring to each lip on the side..

 waxed and ready to be pierced!!

I think three piercings down there would be just perfect! My pussy deserves to be shown off..

I am planning tattoos as well to decorate my body. Hmm.. I'd even love some permanent mods to remind me of the slave that I am. Eventually when I get my rings I love the thought of being made to padlock them together.. to stop me from playing with myself.. feel the presence of the lock on my pussy. My pussy throbbing for release..

My Christina piercing will have some significance to represent my chastity so far.

Hmm.. I am interested in what body modifications my blog readers would like to see, is there anything that you would like to see me do or have done..?

 I once read about a slave pierced and padlocked to her chastity belt.. I think this is a hot idea. So many possibilities!

That's enough naughtiness for now, but keep posted for some more updates on adventures..

As always there will be plenty more to cum hehe ;)


  1. Nice front and back making my mouth water Mmm

  2. Omg tool got stiff just reading your words and wanting to taste