Sunday, 1 June 2014

orgasm education.

There are all different kinds of orgasms. Big ones, small ones, epic ones, multiple ones. Clitoral, vaginal. Anal, even orgasms without any stimulation at all. Wet dreams. Thoughtgasms.

So many ways to have an orgasm. So many ways to give yourself an orgasm and so many ways to recieve an orgasm.

I have to say that I like them all, all for different reasons. One of the last orgasms that I had was a full body orgasm. Men and women can both experience a full body orgasm, if you know your body well enough to bring one out.

Full body orgasms are much more intense than an average orgasm, and usually last much longer. In my own experience I feel it right from my head to my toes, pleasure takes hold of my body and it is an intense release. Sometimes it can be so powerful it will take me to another reality, all sense of surroundings and thoughts are lost. There is nothing but my body and the orgasm.

You are aware of all the energies being released from your body, it can even be a very deep experience. To feel such a great release. It can often be very beneficial to have an orgasm of any sort and not just because it's great fun to cum :P It is refreshing to have an orgasm. You know how you get a glow after sex. You feel good. It's because you have released internal pressures in a way, even to the point that it can be emotionally and physically healing.

It helps to be aware of your sexual energies to be able to use them efficiantly. I was always are of the energies and how to use them to have intense sexual experiences, but I am only now learning that it can be just as good to control them and contain them as it is to release them when you feel the need.

Controlling the energies isn't suppressing your desires, it's allowing yourself to release the energies in other ways. To begin with while under orgasm control, I was just getting very frustrated. Very sexually frustrated. I felt like there was no other way to release my sexual energies than to have sex, masturbate, cum. Without it I would go crazy. But I still contained myself and I began to notice something. Every other part of my life was filling up with more energy. I have energy to work more, play more. I'm studying and exercising and I feel much more radiant in general. The feel good feeling that you get from sex is now glowing in other ways. Who knew orgasms could be so powerful?

When I do orgasm I have much more ability to squirt and have full body orgasms on demand. I had no idea it was possible to train orgasms in such away. One of my favorite porn sites was always The Training of O, and now I can actually understand what it means!

There have been some crazy horny experiences so far in my training as you can see from my recent posts. And I'm sure there will be many more to cum, but that's all just a part of the fun isn't it :P

I'm getting much better at being a little more controlled but there are still days where I am so horny I feel like I might explode >.< this is why when I finally do cum I am more likely to have more intense full body orgasms, multiple orgasms or squirting orgasms. Or a mix of all three!

I would say that there would have been nights where I have had over 100 orgasms. The last great amount of orgasms I had was 70. And I could of kept going!

Sometimes I can just have one really powerful full body orgasm, or other times I will have multiple orgasms. Depending on if I release all the energies in one orgasm, or release it over lots of orgasms.

I have explained what a full body orgasm is, but what are multiple orgasms like?

To me multiple orgasms doesn't mean to have a few orgasms within an hour or so. To cum 3 times during sex doesn't mean that you have had multiple orgasms. Sure you came three times, but the proper meaning of multiple orgasms is to cum one after the other. No stopping. As I said the last time I had multiple orgasms in this way I had 70 :O 70 orgasms in around 70 mintutes. As you can see they weren't long orgasms just lots of them. Whereas a full body orgasm has been known to go on for hours, just one orgasm. Woah!

They are two types of orgasms that I have experienced and I have to say I like them both for different reasons. Both can be fun for different reasons. Multiple or full body.

Same as how I enjoy anal sex sometimes. I never would have thought that it were possible to cum from anal sex but then I experienced it and enjoyed it. I'm very much into anal hehe

I have had times during sex where I have started cumming and I haven't stopped! Not so much a full body orgasm, but more just a continuous orgasm. Constant stimulation without stopping is needed for this to happen. It's fun to swap and change positions but to do that while I'm cumming will make me stop cumming! If you realize I am cumming, don't stop and just go harder ;) I am likely to cum and cum and cum some more..

I have always found it very easy to cum which does make all the different types of orgasms much more attainable. Also being aware of my sexual desires, knowing how to please my own self and what I like in bed, all these things make it possible to have more intense experiences.

There are so many kinds of orgasms to be had and I want to enjoy them all!


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