Sunday, 25 May 2014

things I want!

So many things that I want! I'll have to build up my collection a few toys at a time :P
Hmm.. where to start though!
I want costumes, fetish wear, corsets. Ohhh so many things hehe

Here is a list of all of the toys that I want-

  • more nipple clamps! I'm even interested in some sort of nipple device to wear long term. Such as Nipple Poppers :) to keep my nipples nice and erect all day long hehe and we all know that I'm into chastity.. so a little nipple chastity might be fun
  • speaking of chastity.. I also need my belt!
  • vibrating panties for naughty public fun
  • more dildos in all different sizes. Including some with suction cups for all kinds of cheekiness
  • more butt plugs different widths and depths
  • jewllery to wear down there..

    These could be awfully cute under a skimpy little dress with no panties.. who needs panties anyway?
Although I am a sucker for cute underwear. Something else that I can never have enough of!
..Too many things for a naughty girl to want!

Keep posted for my next insight about pet play. Something else that twinks my kinks ;P

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