Friday, 9 May 2014

..a dream cum true

mm.. yes please! oh my oh my oh my.. this picture makes me wet with excitement. Spank me, whip me, plug me and clamp me. Every piece of equiptment that a girl could ever need..

I'm sure that there are other things that could be added to the list but I think I would be most satisfied with this assortment.
I would love to hear what you would do to me.. what would you use to punish and please me? I can't decide where I would start. What would you do..?

Perhaps the collar and then move on. Something to bind my wrists could be next and then a ball gag to muffle my sounds..

You plug me up first with the biggest plug from the selection. Pump and then clamp my hard little nipples, before you bend me over. I get wetter and wetter as you begin to spank me. Moaning with pleasure and pain..

You don't let me cum yet, you start with the whip and the paddle. Until my cheeks are black and blue

Hot wax is next.. all down my back.. then roll me over and spread my legs

I'm so wet.. you tease my hard little clit before inserting a dildo.. I'm so tight.. and so wet. You work it in harder and faster.. before I'm taking it with ease. You move on to a bigger dildo.. my ass still plugged you slowly work it in. Stretching me further and further. I'm moaning and dripping wet.. so close to cumming.

As you work the massive dildo the whole way in.. I feel myself about to climax. The pressure of the dildo.. the plug in my ass.. You begin to fuck me slowly up and down, around and around. Stretching me and pushing me as far as I can go.

I can't take it anymore! I moan and drool from the gag as I cum hard.. But it's not enough I want more!

My nipples are being pinched and squeezed and still enlarged from the pumps.. I brace myself as you fuck me harder and harder. I never knew I could take something so big..

I cum again and again before squirting all over you

I think I'm satisfied.. for now ;)



  1. All that and more like I won't stop I'll use every toy more than once

  2. Falling in love with Cherie Cee ;)

  3. Your the kind of woman I need