Wednesday, 5 March 2014

tampon training

After 53 days of no sex chastity, add to that orgasm control, and I am a very, very horny girl :P Last night I was feeling extra horny. During my time so far as a submissive I have broken many limits. Expecially for a sex addict who previously had no control!

Today has been 6 days without orgasm (a new record for me) and 53 days without sex (another new record). Previously I had only ever went 30days without sex, and never more than 2 days without orgasm.

As you could imagine I am hornier than I have ever been before. Every sensation on my body is heightened. Every touch against my skin is intense.

Trying to get to sleep last night was the hardest. Craving for something big and hard and deep.. I could feel my thighs getting wetter and wetter. I have to keep tissues near my bed and dry myself often.. constantly feeling so aroused..

By 2am I was so very very horny.. I decided that what was making it hardest was the fact that I was so wet..

A solution to my problem! Tampons :) I know tampons can be used for slave training and I think that last night I needed some extra training, to keep me under control. I felt like if I could plug up both my holes and soak up some of my juices I might get a little relief.

So I pulled out two of my maxi tampons (I wanted the biggest I have so that when they expanded I would feel nice and full)

Finally I felt a little relief. Able to relax and go to sleep knowing that I was all full up. I could feel the tampons expanding from all the moisture as I drifted off into a happy sleep :)

Satisfied that I could stay submissive and control my urges. My pussy had previously been dripping wet, throbbing with desire. Driving me crazy with arousal. But the tampons silenced her for awhile and helped me make it through the night.

Tomorrow night I am allowed to cum ;) after 7 whole days of no orgasms! Not only that but I am allowed to max out my orgasms. I have never actually counted the maximum amount of orgasms that I have had in one night. I think I stopped counting previously at around 30. So it will be very interesting to see how many I can reach tomorrow night.

You can see me push my limits :) I will be cumming live on cam at CT. So tomorrow night at 10pm my time, click on the Chaturbate link at the bottom of this page!

I'm still feeling very horny now. A little over 27hrs until I can cum yet. But at least I know if I have to I can plug myself up again for the night, and train my pussy to behave.

Last week for the first time in a while I wore my butt plug out for the day. I was very horny by the time I finished work, and relieved to come home and have some fun at Chaturbate. I was so horny in fact that I ended up squirting everywhere :O

There is something about being plugged up that is arousing and satisfying at the same time. Arousing because it's so naughty walking around in public, and no one knows my little secret. And satisfying because I feel so nice and full. And I feel as though there is no access in or out. All plugged up.

I do feel as though after using the two plugs that I own, that I am ready for a third, bigger plug. Wider and deeper. And I also like the idea of wearing a pussy plug out and about. Something that I haven't tried yet. I need to get many more plugs, dildos and toys of all kinds! There will be some new things to play with very soon though as I do have some purchases on the way. So keep posted on my page and I'll keep you up to date with all my naughty adventures



  1. U should contact me babe ive got wat u need rite

  2. U should contact me babe ive got wat u need rite

  3. Hay i try to chat with you but didremember your chat schedule I remember you putting it upbut forgot the date and time love your storesTypo storys