Sunday, 9 March 2014

extreme enema punishment

After being a very, very naughty subbie all week for my Master, it was time to make up for it with a punishment.

To begin with I was to take a large enema. I filled up 5 douche fulls of warm water, feeling very full indeed, before putting my plug in place. After this I was to go for a walk, minus my panties.

As I walked up the street I was very aware of the fact that I was trying to retain my enema. Although this was made a little easier by my plug, firmly in place. I was wondering what was going to happen when I could no longer hold it. Hopfully there would be no one around..

There were people everywhere as I was walking! I could feel the pressure inside as I continued on my naughty journey. Making it so far before I could go no further. What to do? Where to go? I looked around and there was an ally, or a park. The park was very open, so I ducked down the ally. Perhaps next time I am naughty, I should be made to take a bigger enema. And release it even more out in the open..

But there was no time to think, I ducked down the ally and unplugged myself, instantly feeling the flow be released. Feeling relieved and aroused at the same time I could have stopped and orgasmed right there. But if I had came it would not have been the a part of the punishment plan. So I tried not to think about that as I fixed up my dress and made my way out the ally.

As I stood up and began to walk off I realised that was not all of it! I had no time the rest was coming and now!

After finally expelling all of the fluid, I began the journey home, my bare ass feeling exposed and empty underneath my dress.




  2. That Pokey Fat

  3. That's fuken sexy!
    I pee on the the roadside for everyone to see me sometimes I do the same when I take a dump
    I do the same when I am in the grass at the park..I don't go to the restroom, I just pull my pants down (no underwear) and do what I gotta do, whether there are people around or not I'll do it.

  4. Oh id luv to suck an fuck your sweet wet tite pussy an ass bby mmmm