Thursday, 30 January 2014

Submissive C

100 days ago I entered into the life of a Submissive. I am officially a registered Slave. What does this really mean? It means that I have a Master. My aim is to please Him and when He is happy, I am happy.

But there is so much more to it than that. This is a journey into the heart of my Submission. It's finally feeling free now that I am under control. I feel free to live the life of the Submissive that I have always known was inside. I am here to give Him everything I have to offer. My mind, my body, my pleasure and much, much more.

Everything is right in the world when I am being a good Subbie. It feels great to know that there are rules I must follow and etiquette in place. I need to be put on a leash, I can get a little out of control at times and my wild side needs some taming. So to have training in place and specific tasks that I must do, this is something that I need in my life.

A lot of BDSM aspects appeal to me and many of them are part of Submission. To be caged, collared, leashed, gagged, tied up. Put in chastity, punished, pleasured. Dominated.

Being a Submissive is about many things not only the sexual side. Of course being a nympho the sexual side appeals to me quite a bit ;) but I really just like to please others, and to be at someones service to provide all I can to fulfill their wants and needs. I feel something satisfied deep within.

I feel so calm and at ease
Whist upon my knees
My aim is simply to please
And to serve you freely

I don't feel like Dominance and Submission is something that you can just decide to do. I feel like it's something that comes naturally. Whether you are taking part in a short role play session or making it a part of your everyday life, it has to be something that you want. For me I am following my deepest desires.

Also generally you will realize whether you are a natural dominant, submissive or both. For me I can only be Submissive but many people can be both!

So when did I first realize that I am Submissive? I always knew what I liked. I like to be dominated. I like to be given instructions and follow them out. I like to be rewarded when I have done well, and punished when I have been bad. I have never really felt right in a vanilla relationship.

Personally I like harsh punishments. I like it rough ;P I think that depending on your limits that is one of the first things that you have to work out with your Master. How far are you willing to go with things? Depending on your limits you can find many different punishments and rewards. My limits are something that my Master and I have to work to find continuously. I'm the type of person that doesn't have many limits of sorts and there are very few things, within reason, that I wouldn't do, so this is something that we need to work on, amongst other things.

I've always been into BDSM and Submission adds a whole new aspect to things. I had some play before, but really not a lot of experience. So everything is still all very new to me! Just over 100 days ago Master and Slave was all just a fantasy to me, a dream, and now I'm living out all of my fantasies for real!

My Submissive side has finally been released and it feels amazing. I have so much yet to learn and so much more training needed but it has been such an enlightening journey so far.

The happiest of moments are when I have pleased my Master. I feel most calm when I am kneeling for Him, allowing Him to take all my worries away. There is something relieving about having someone else take control. I feel like a little settled petal now that my Master is here :)


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