Sunday, 8 December 2013

horny+toys=squirting lots (:

Last night I was so very, very horny and started to play with my toys.. beginning with my anal beads. I slowly insert them into my tight ass one by one.. all the way up.. so deep poking and moving around.. I can feel them inside and wish that they coud go even deeper. Leaving them in place next I attach clamps on my nipples.. I didn't even work my way up with each weight I just wore all three at once. Tugging at my nipples just making me even more aroused..

..then I have the idea of attaching them somewhere else.. hehe..

I'm almost cumming just lying there.. my pussy throbbing.. tightening my ass around my anal beads.. penetrating me deeper.. getting more and more wet.. I can barely take it..

It's all too much for me I'm so wet and horny, I have to use my dildo.. feels so good in my pussy.. so deep.. filling me up.. every penetration pushing on my anal beads from inside.. the clamps opening me up.. exposing my clit allowing my toy to rub against it with every insertion.. again and again until I cum

I remove all my toys.. after my first orgasm it's time to squirt. Normally it takes two or three orgasms first and then I can squirt, but I'm so horny from teasing and playing with all my toys I almost squirted on the first one. Squirting once wasn't enough.. I still had more orgasms that needed to cum.. and cum.. and cum again :P



  1. Love the part where we get to see your face while you finger your honey pot. So sexy

  2. nice squirt i would love to see some anal claudia:p

  3. very nice blog video.......made me stand up with interest....

  4. Great video, I love how engorged your lips are in the first video. And I love the squirting!

  5. Very hot n so fucking you sweetheart... Damn