Friday, 6 December 2013


Had some amazing sex again the other night.. mmhm ;) started with me on top, then doggy style, followed by anal. I have to say doggy style is one of my favourite positions. Although I do like them all ;) It gives full access to everything, tits, clit, ass. Great for spanking. Also makes it very easy to play with myself while being fucked hard..
This is exactly what I did the other night, playing with myself while being fucked hard in the ass.. have to take it slowly at first but once it's in I like it hard..
Making me orgasm again and again.. my pussy throbbing.. my ass so full..



  1. oh Claudia, you make me so hard! I watched your nipple clamps and weights and seeing the sheer pulling of the force of them dragging your nipples and breasts, distort the nipple then tits, seeing you on your bed, swinging the weights like a pendulum,made me throb and pulse so much, my hand wanking so hard on my erect cock imaging being knelt on the bed my cock facing your body, pussy beginning to drip, i came so much and show a massive loads once again! god, you are so sexy and such a free and liberated woman, i could spend hours with you travelling around your body and holes. Claudia, you bless us with this blog and inspire me into freeing my mind up to everything, absolutely everything it is possible to engage in with your body.

  2. I would just love to tie you up and through you on the floor.I would then rip your close off except for your panties.I would then sit on you and fuck those titties.when my cock got real hard I would shove it in your mouth.I would grab the back of your head and seriously fuck your cock is getting hard right now just thinking about it.I am sitting here looking at your pic typing and strocking my dick.when my cock would get super hard in your mouth I would yank it out and roll you over.then I would rip off your panties pull your ass up.then start rubbing my prick against that lovely cunt of yours.I would rub and finger that beautiful slit until it was dripping wet.then I would spread those ass cheeks and very slowly ram my beautiful hard 8 inch dick in that ass.real slow and easy until my nuts are tight against your ass cheeks.fuck my dick is hard.then I would just pound that cock until I couldn't hold the come any more.I am really beating my cock now.when I was ready to shoot I would pull it out your ass and drive it in your cunt.I can feel it shooting that load of come in that pussy right dick is coming right now.fuck it feels so good!!!!!!!!! Thank you that is so nice on the dick

  3. Thank you again. Dennis Zimmerman.