Tuesday, 19 November 2013

playing with my new toys :)


Last night I had a little bit of a play with some of my new toys :) Started with my nipple clamps, just one weight but on the tightest setting possible. Felt so good squeezing and pulling at my hard little nipples.. I was instantly wet. It didn't take long before I wanted to add the second set of weights.. and then the third. By the third set it was a little painful.. but the pain felt so good. Feeling the weight pulling at my breasts and stretching my nipples. I'd love to see how much more I could take.
By the time I was finished with my clamps I was so very wet and decided to give my douche a try. I have never had an enema but always liked the thought of it. I like anal a lot, and the feeling of being full.. in my pussy and my ass. So the thought of an enema filling me up.. all the way up.. pushing me to my limits.. always been very hot for me. And when I experimented last night I can say it did live up to my expectations.

I was surprised how much water I could take on my first try. By the final douche full I could hear the water swishing around inside me. The last squeeze off water filled me up and felt so good it made my head spin and I orgasmed.. the most intense feeling.. making myself hold the water even longer all I had to do was touch my hard little clit the tiniest bit and I came again. I knew by the third orgasm I wouldn't be able to hold the water anymore so I moved to the bathroom and came for the final time.. expelling my enema and squirting everywhere at the same time. One of the most intense orgasms I have ever had.
I look forward to playing with my toys some more now :)



  1. I love reading your stuff! A pretty, naughty girl who can write, yum!

  2. sounds verry hot !!! can you make a movie from your squirting experiences ! ? :-)

  3. Mmm ur intence ....:)i bet u could cum on command ....!,