Tuesday, 12 November 2013

feeling wet ;)

So horny.. so wet.. my pussy throbs just begging to be fucked
my clit so hard.. so sensitive.. just one touch and I'll cum

wearing my plug.. only makes me more horny
..but it's such a nice feeling.. filling up my ass


  1. The nectar of your flower begs to be licked, tasted and consumed. Silky tongue playfully encircling your hardness and exploring under the hooded zone before plunging deep inside the tight pinkness of your passion. The stiffness of thy desired is brought near to explosive desire as your fingers play along its length, throbbing and thick. Crazed hands find rasied nipples upon soft, supple breast, creamy white like the juice of passion................

  2. Now, that's what I call a "motivational picture" :) You're an unending source of inspiration and fantasy. Yum!

  3. Id eat that pussy all night