Monday, 25 November 2013

Everyone Needs A Good FB

Last night I caught up with my fb. The sex is always good, he's a fit boy so cumming more than once is never a problem. Much to my delight!
I started by giving him head, normally he always goes down on me and we have sex and I end up cumming so much more than him, so last night he wanted to even it out a little. Head job first. Luckily I like to suck.. I could have sat on his face while I worked his cock with my hands and mouth.. but I decided I wanted to just pleasure him..
Sucking his big hard cock harder and faster.. until he came in my mouth. I always swallow ;)
Always good to give head and make him cum before we have sex.. the sex just lasts even longer! I start on top.. slowly sliding myself onto him.. deeper and deeper I begin to grind. Back and forth, up and down. Mmm.. he grabs my hips and works with me.. thrusting in deeper. I lean forward and he bites my neck.. so hard I know it will bruise.. but I like it.
After awhile we flip and he get's on top, taking control and making me orgasm again and again.. his cock pounding on my hard clit. I feel myself throbbing and tightening up on him as I cum. Gripping the sheets he doesn't stop and begins to coke me, silencing my moans. I'm exhausted but I cum again and squirt a little and then he finally cums.. both left feeling very satisfied ;)



  1. Claudia I often cum 5 or more times a night..... and I also love to swallow xxx

  2. I Wanna C U Try And Fist Urself Hunni....:-))

  3. I got a fantastic fb and she's so naughty... Love to watch her getn fucked by another damn hot... ;)