Saturday, 19 October 2013

..your pleasure is my pleasure

There's something very satisfying about making another person orgasm. I have always loved the taste of cum and I know that it's actually good for you which is also a bonus. But there's something about making a guy hard that really turns me on.
Even more so when we aren't even having sex. Giving head is one of my favourite things to do. I could just suck.. and suck.. for hours. But usually it doesn't take me that long to make a guy cum. Sometimes I like to see how quickly after cumming I can make them hard again. That's even more of an accomplishment isn't it. I think my record is three or four orgasms without recovery time in between, which is pretty good I thought. I was very proud of myself hehe
One of my ex boyfriends told me that I should be a fluffer. A girl whose job is to get the guys hard before they have to shoot a porn. That does sound like the perfect job to me!
Would be good to see how many guys I could get off at one time.. all taking turns with me. 20.. 30.. how many could I do..
I would like to see what record I can reach for the number of times I could make a guy cum in the same night. Just making his cock hard turns me on though. I love everything about a big hard cock.. sucking.. fucking
Most of the time I prefer to be dominated in the bedroom so it isn't really the domination of making a guy hard that turns me on. It's more the fact that I am the cause of someone's pleasure. I like the thought of someone thinking about me and getting hard.. makes me feel naughty ;)
Getting wet right now just thinking about it.. grabbing hold.. feeling it get bigger and bigger in my hand.. making me more and more excited. Mmm..



  1. Hm I'm really enjoying your blog and your mind and mine are so in tune; )

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  3. Great text, you got me dreaming

  4. Ihope to do evry thing you say with you in real life kissssss

  5. Just to give you an idea of the amount of times I can cum... I rarely cum less than 5 times a day... BUT my record so far has been 7 times in one NIGHT... I hope to break that sometime soon... and Claudia? you will always be more than welcome to go for the blow job record with me xxx