Sunday, 20 October 2013

playing with my toys

Feeling so wet.. my pussy is just wanting to be fucked after waiting all day. Thinking naughty thoughts all day long..

My nipples are hard and my clit is so sensitive. But I want to make myself wait.. tease myself even more. I know how good it will be when I eventually cum.. I might even squirt everywhere..

My pussy lips are dripping wet, plumping up begging for penetration. But to tease myself even more first I put in my butt plug.

Prodding me deep inside my tight little ass I get even more wet. Teasing my hard little nipples and grabbing my breasts..

Feels so good having my ass violated by my butt plug.. I tease my hard little clit

I'm super sensitive now so I slide in my dildo. I feel very full with my ass and my pussy filled up. Feels so good.. like I could just stay filled up forever.. being stretched

Every move I make pleasures me and pushes me more.. prodding my insides.. pushing on my g spot.. I tease my hard little nipples

I fuck both holes for as long as I can take it before I cum everywhere.. but it's not enough

I leave the plug in and fuck myself harder and harder.. deeper and deeper.. cumming again and again.. until I squirt everywhere.. finally satisfied.. for now ;)

I love my toys :)





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  1. This is honestly how I would have imagined it would feel like to be a girl being fucked like that. It's very sexy, nice writing. I would love to chat on hangout if your ever interested.