Thursday, 24 October 2013

last nights adventure..

So last night I wanted to try a few of your suggestions in one video.. wanted to masturbate.. so I thought I would film it and see how many fingers I could fit as a few have asked.. I could fit all four and I think next time I can do my whole fist ;) want me to try? :P

There was a request was for me to try orgasm denial. Something I struggle with being so horny all the time.. But I knew when I finally did get to cum it would be intense so I chose to try and deny. I was told to masturbate and get as close to as possible but then stop myself. This was me masturbating.. but not letting myself cum. It was very, very difficult.. every touch makes me more wet.. my pussy is plump and begging to orgasm.. I was literally shaking all over..

So as a part of the deal with my orgasm denial.. I was meant to last the night and not cum at all.. with my legs belted together. But if I really could not last I could let myself orgasm, but only if my legs were still belted together and I must film the result. I had warned it would be intense and I would probably squirt everywhere.. tease and denial had me dripping wet for hours and hours before I finally let myself cum late last night. I had tried to just fall asleep and ignore it but every move.. I was so aroused so I had to do it before it just happened anyway. I do cum in my sleep if I deny myself.. I'm just horny all the time I can't help it!
Anyway this was the video result as I promised.. and my orgasm+squirting was super intense..


Was a very helpless feeling having my legs belted together.. I'm into bdsm a little.. ;) hehe.. but never tried it. Was something very different not being able to just reach down and touch myself.. My legs were so tightly bound shut I could barely slip a finger in. No reaching between my legs. But I was desperate to orgasm after awhile and found out that I could reach myself from behind. And I do like it from behind ;P So, with my legs tightly bound shut.. after being wet thighed for hours.. I finally got my orgasm ;) must work on orgasm denial though.. it is a very powerful thing




  1. Love all that your doing. Makes me so hard every time. Wish you were closer to the states. Would love to film for you so you could use both hands and be free. Xoxo

  2. i'm sure you can fist yourself.... :-)