Monday, 21 October 2013

afternoon delight

A naughty fantasy of mine..

I had just finished renovating my bedroom and was waiting for the electrician to arrive to fit a new light fitting. Running late for work I was getting impatient. He was over 20 minutes late. Finally I heard him pull in to the drive. As I opened the door to let him in I noticed how attractive he was. Blonde hair, tanned, full sleeve tattoos. I couldn't help but flirt.. funny I was so annoyed just 5 minutes ago..

I showed him to my room and what I needed done. He said it was only a 15 minute job. Thankfully because I was going to be so late. As he was packing up his tools he apologised for not being on time.

"That's ok" I replied "You can't help these things.."

"Really.. I do apologise. Is there anything.. at all I can do to make up for it" he stepped close. I was getting hot.. and wet.. and really turned on.

"Well.." I slipped the sleeve of my dress off my shoulder "maybe there is something you could help me with"

"What may that be" he asked unbuttoning his shirt..

I grabbed his hand and slid it up my dress.. rubbing him against my wet underwear.

"Mmm.. I can help you with that.." he grabbed me and threw me onto the bed. We both undressed very quickly. Grabbing my ankles he pulled me down to the edge of the bed. I laid back and he ripped my legs apart.. I moaned as I felt his tongue tease my clit. Soft and wet, rubbing and playing with my pussy.. I moaned and moaned. Using his teeth to nibble me before flicking my hard little clit some more. Sliding one finger in.. it felt so good to be penetrated. Two fingers.. slowly sliding in and out.. exploring me inside.. I came so hard

Continuing to eat me some more before climbing on top and shoving his big hard cock into me.. hard and fast. My back arched. My body quivering with pleasure. Rolling over I got on top and he grabbed my tits.. squeezing and then sucking on my hard nipples. Biting me a little. I push down hard.. feeling his cock so deep inside me. Grinding back and forth.. feeling him rubbing on my g spot.. my clit.. grinding.. harder and harder. I cum again.. and again..

Throwing me into doggy position and putting himself into my tight ass I spread my legs a little.. welcoming him in. I'm so wet and it feels so good. He shoves himself right in.. I gasp..

Fucking me harder and harder.. in and out.. I can feel him so big and hard in my tight ass.. I cum again..

My pussy throbbing with pleasure, feeling his cock get bigger inside my ass as he gets ready to cum.. moaning I feel him explode, filling me up. He pulls out and I can feel cum dripping..

Completely forgot that I had to go to work!

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