Saturday, 26 October 2013


So far I have had a fair bit of fun ;) hehe. I have had many threesomes, I do prefer with two guys. Have tried 1 guy 1 girl but much prefer two guys all to myself, taking turns with me, putting me on the spit. Feel's awesome being penetrated by two big hard cocks at the same time, impaling my mouth and vagina, in and out, so full of cock. Would love to try having all three holes filled at the same time..

I have been tag teamed. That was a bit of fun too. An ex was part of a football team and he liked to share me with his friends. Was so hot having guy, after guy take turns fucking me.

Public sex is always good. Feels free being outdoors having sex. And the adrenalin of having sex in a crowded place is always fun. I've done it in parks, at the beach, in the car, at the movies, in a hospital, public toilets, anywhere and everywhere. Sometimes it's planned sometimes it's spur of the moment but it's always good.

I'm interested to see what further adventures I will have :)


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